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Airline Management System

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This project on Airline Management System is the automation of registration process of airline system. The system is able to provide much information like passenger’s information, criminal’s, list of all passengers etc. The system also allows us to add records when a passenger reserves a ticket. For data storage and retrieval we use the file-handling facility of C Language. It enables us to add any number of records in our database. But for intrinsic nature of file handling, the retrieval process is slow when we

Search a particular record in the database, because record  is searched sequentially.

1.1 About Project

The project named “Airline Management System” is written in Turbo C++ IDE3.0, mainly because of it’s suitability for this type of application. Its user friendly nature and in-built documentation, complication, error detection, binding facilities and interaction with other software packages make it most powerful tool for software development. Moreover .Turbo C++ consists of all the technologies that help in creating and running robust, scalable and distributed packages.C++ is a general-purpose object-oriented programming language, and is intended to be an improved C with object capabilities

Assistance is provided to the user at each and every step so that no problem is faced during using it. Further the details of every process and the user manuals attached in the report make it very easy to understand. Every possible care has been taken to make the software and the report clear, simple and error free which makes it so special and one of its kind.

Here’s is the link to the complete coding which you can directly post in TC /BIN of C++ installed folder down here

Airline synopsis & coding



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