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Event management system – Platform VB.Net

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About VB.Net




Visual Basic .NET is one of the languages that are directed towards meeting the objectives of the .NET initiative of creating distributed applications.

Visual Basic .NET is a powerful object-oriented language that provides features such as abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism.

Features of Visual Basic .NET

  • Some of the key features of Visual Basic .NET are as follows:
    • Inheritance
    • Constructors and destructors
    • Overloading
    • Overriding
    • Structured exception handling
    • Multithreading

About the project

In present era, the scopes of information technology growing with a very fast .We do not see any are untouched from this industry. The scope of information technology has become wider includes: Business and industry. Household Business, Communication, Education, Entertainment, Science, Medicine, Engineering, Distance Learning, Weather Forecasting. Carrier Searching and so on.


My project named “Event Management System” is software that store and maintained all events coordinated in college. It also helpful to print related reports. My project will help to record the events coordinated by faculties with their Name, Event subject, date & details in an efficient & effective ways.


In my system we have to make a system by which a user can record all events coordinated by a particular faculty. In our proposed system some more featured are added which differs it from the existing system such as security.


you can download it by going to the link down there event management system_vb.net_report



  1. snehal shrote says:

    hello! i want the whole project code of the event management project in can i please get it??

  2. ankita says:

    i want the synopsis of event management system in……

  3. Amy verma says:

    project code plzz

  4. Nidhi Verma says:

    i want project code plzz can you provide me with that….

  5. Thiagarajan says:

    can i have the project code please

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