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Advertising Agency Management System

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This is a Project work undertaken in context of partial fulfillment of the BCA. Since advertising Agency management system is associated with the lives of common people so I decided to work on this project. The purpose of this project is to increase sales and raise brand awareness for your business as part of your marketing strategy.


I have tried my best to make the complicated process advertising Agency management system as simple as possible using Structured & Modular technique & Menu oriented interface. I have tried to design the software in such a way that user may not have any difficulty in using this package & further expansion is possible without much effort. Even though I cannot claim that this work to be entirely exhaustive, the main purpose of my exercise is to perform each activity in computerized way rather than manually which is time consuming.


I am confident that this software package can be readily used by non-programming personal avoiding human handled chance of error.        Advertising agency management system


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